Museum of Makeup

World’s first phygital museum, that blends physical and digital reality into one love for all things makeup.

Makeup is Art.

It is not a whim, a fad, a superficial fling.

Truth is – we use lipstick, eyeliner and brushes to paint the limits of our own world.

Makeup is Art.

And it’s about time it got its own Museum.

Museum of Makeup

The place where we Celebrate the Power of Makeup.


World’s first Augmented Reality App that tells story of Makeup– with your pretty face as a canvas for five millenniums of glorious Makeup history

Museum of Makeup is made to celebrate the power of Makeup.

Power to transform what we see in the mirror and what we feel inside.

Power to shape who we are and all we could be.

Power – to empower.

Explore what Makeup was, is and will be.

Let your face and your phone become a time-machine.

Taking you on a journey to all four corners of the Earth, from ancient times to modern-day influencers, and even beauty trends of the future.

It may seem like you’ll stay right where you are, but we promise – it will be a hell of a ride.

The Makeup Class

Enroll in Makeup Class, world’s first Makeup & Beauty Industry knowledge hub.


Your birthday or not, today’s as good a day as any to treat yourself with something awesome.

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